Piton Systems Pvt Ltd is an IT product innovation company building cutting edge but practical products for the Industry.
  • WiseBolts Catalst ERP®, is an advanced cloud ERP platform giving unsurpassed flexibility and performance.
  • Catalyst QMS, our AI based quality management platform. Improves your product quality and helps in preventing defects.
  • We also create customised applications and solutions. Many of our solutions are built for Fortune 100 companies

Products and Services

Our Innovative Products are helping customers adopt the latest business technology which is practical and cost effective.

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP®

Our advanced, cloud ERP product. It comes in industry specific flavours like

  • ERP for Engineering Services
  • ERP for Manufacturing
  • ERP for Pharma
  • ERP for Chemical
  • ERP for Trading
  • ERP for Labs

Catalyst is flexible and very easy to learn even for the semi-skilled staff. It can integrate Tally and other existing systems

Catalyst QMS

Catalyst QMS is a breakthrough AI cloud platform to help improve product quality.

  • Automates your process workflows and makes it super easy to keep track of quality events.
  • Provides standardised flows for quality tasks like CAPA, RCA, CM, etc
  • Its closed loop action plans ensure that no action item is missed.


All our products are enabled with AI. The more our use the products the more it learns and adapts.
For e.g., the QMS AI engine suggests the most effective RCAs or alerts on probable defects based on historical data.
Catalyst ERP has an AI document engine. This generates various documents like BMR & TDS based on your products and its paraeters.

Our Works

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP® and some of our key solutions and engagements

Catalyst ERP Home

Home page with executive Dashboard

Sales and Marketing

The Sales (Inquiry to Offer) Process

Production Module

Production Module for Batch Manufacturing

Finance Module

General Ledger with Balance Sheets

Industrial Pumps

Configurator for Industrial Precision Pumps

Interactive 3D Simulation

Render and interact with large 3D models on the web

Virtual Plant Builder

IIOT Cloud based app to build virtual industrial engineering plants

Web Presence Management

Social, Web Presence creation & management

IT Advisory

IT Advisory services for startups and enterprises


eCommerce transformation and implementation

About Us

Founded in 2008, Piton is a IT product innovation company. Our products like WiseBolts Catalyst ERP® are being rapidly adopted by various types of industries as they are extremely flexible and easy to learn and adopt. We also provide services specializing in enterprise digital transformation and enabling Industrial Internet-of-things.

Our Office in Pune

Global Coverage

Piton has presence in US East coast. From our offices in Pune and US we serve global clients and done Catalyst ERP implementations, IIOT products and projects and Digital projects in following geographies

  • USA
  • UK & Germany
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • India

What "clients" say

Chemical Major spread across India and Singapore

" Piton Catalyst ERP has optimised our business. It gives us complete visibility of the Inquiries and Offers and the profit that we make for each order. "

Mechanical Services Ltd. Company

" Piton successfuly implemented their ERP where others had failed. We now have a live system connecting our plants across 4 states with 300+ employees. The realtime MIS dashboards are accurate and insightful."

e-Commerce for Jeweller

" Your understanding of what we required, without we even knowing clearly ourselves, came through in the finished product. I found the whole experience very simple and efficient and have no hesitation in recommending Piton Systems. "

Pharma Manufacturer with GMP plant

"Pitons ERP implement has brought about immense efficiencies in our business process. It helped us uncover hidden issues and correct them using the ERP solution."

Our History

Piton Formed

Piton established in India working out of a small office with just 2 employees. Started with creating beautiful websites for our clients. Within a year we had created 30+ websites and also started working on various CMS platforms

e-Commerce, Digital and other projects

Won and delivered several innovative projects globally. Created online cytometric tests, multilingual educational softwares, Paperless office, e-commerce platforms, virtual stores and event management platforms for customers across India, Australia, Europe and South Africa.

Catalyst ERP

2016 - Developed the first version of Catalyst ERP and deployement it in Chemical companies in India, Singapore and Germany.
2018 - launched the all new, advanced version of Catalyst ERP with AI.
Built first of its kind automated BMR for pharma in Catalyst ERP

Catalyst QMS

2020, launched our breakthrough Quality Managemet Platform with AI. It help in improving product quality by automating workflows and creating closed loop actions plans.


Launch of our breakthrough product - Catalyst QMS.
Catalyst QMS is an AI enabled platform and helps in improving your product quality.
It provides standardised workflows and creates closed loop action plans.
Revamped the ERP platform with several major upgrades converting it to an advanced and intelligent ERP.
Won several new customers in manufacturing for Catalyst Implementation
Created the first of its kind automated BMR for the pharma industry.
Focused development of ERP to make it future proof and its adoption in new domains like Mining, Electrical, etc.
Successful delivery of a cutting edge virtualization platform for fortune 50 client. This includes IIOT platform development, 3D model web rendering, maps and microservices along with various other cutting edge features.
Piton starts working on solutions for IIOT which leverage edge computing.
Starts IT advisory services vertical. Provides consulting to various startups in India and singapore to take their IT organization to the next level.

Get in Touch

Regd Office : 62, Swedganga Society, Warje, Pune - 411058, MS, India

Development Center : 302, Wallstreet 24, Above McDonalds, Warje, Pune - 411058, MS, India